Harald Kühn

Concert Projects

In addition to his extensive solo repertoire, Harald Kühn has acquired a broad spectrum of chamber music programs, inspired and influenced by his close collaboration with artist friends of various disciplines.
His solo programs extend from the Italian and Spanish Renaissance via Baroque und classical music to works of contemporary composers.
The variety and originality of the chamber music ensembles in which Harald Kühn participates and collaborates with other musical artists give evidence of a musician who continuously searches for an enlargement of his means of musical expression.

It implies the creation of concert programs with vocal music, violin and guitar duos as well as projects in musical border areas and niches - such as Kühn´s collaboration with the Chinese musician Xiao Mei Dong, a virtuoso on the erhu, the traditional Chinese violin.

Listed below, you will find various projects, including information and photographs of the participating artists, the presently performed concert programs and some sound examples.

Solo Guitar

Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar

Guitar Duo

Soprano and Guitar

Violin and Guitar

Chinese Violin (Erhu) and Guitar


Harald Kühn

Löhlstr. 13

76829 Landau/Pfalz

Telefon: +49 6341 897976

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