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Highly regarded colleagues

Angelo Gilardino

Piera Dadomo

Erhu virtuoso Deng Xiaomei

Paco de Lucia, the legend of Flamenco

Jasmin Dazert

Useful internet addresses for musicians:

Deutscher Kulturrat

Die Zupfgeige, guitar shop in Southwest Germany


Fast and most reliable dispatch of printed music: J. Trekel

Printed music free of charge in the internet

Tobis Notenarchiv

Artist colleagues of various disciplines

Homepage of the painter Wolfgang Glass

Michael Bauer, poet

Körper und Geist (Body and Mind)

The most important page for Aikido in Germany

Aikido Cooperation International

The dojo in which the author of these pages trains Aikido

Budoclub Neustadt e.V.

The most important page for Kyudo in Germany

Deutscher Kyudobund e.V.

The dojo in which the author of these pages trains Kyudo

Budoclub Karlsruhe

Autogenic Training

Thai Chi Chuan and Qigong

Professional Association of Yoga Teachers in Germany

Feldenkrais-Gilde Germany e.V.

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